School Memberships

Are you ready to maximize the impact of your current instructional coaching program?

Building a thriving instructional coaching program requires a collaborative effort. Joining AAICIS as a School Member unlocks the full potential of your existing team & program, ensuring your coaches thrive and your entire school community benefits.

Join our global community championing instructional coaching excellence in international schools!

Why Join AAICIS?

Imagine a vibrant community where school leaders passionate about instructional coaching in international schools connect, collaborate, and share best practices, propelling their school’s success. Where instructional coaches feel supported, inspired, and never alone, fostering a thriving network of peers and mentors. This is the power of AAICIS.

At AAICIS, we recognize the crucial role of school leadership in driving change and progress. Partnering with us empowers you to:

    • strengthen alignment between leadership and coaches on shared goals.
    • bridge the gaps in shared understanding between coaches and school leaders, maximizing your existing team’s potential.
    • leverage existing coaching systems through strategic connections between coaches and leadership.

    We don’t just offer quick fixes. Instead, we partner with schools to build sustainable systems and programs tailored to their unique context for high-quality learning.

    “Creating safe spaces for teachers to explore, take risks, and be supported in their journey, along with a deep respect for the work that teachers and students are doing, develops a sense of collective efficacy and belonging.” 

    – Kim Cofino, AAICIS Founder & Executive Director,  2023

    Our work provides the framework to support leaders to make this collective efficacy sustainable specifically for our unique international school enviroment.

    We value partnerships!

    We can’t do this complex work alone. We believe achieving these outcomes requires collective action and a systems approach. That’s why we’re inviting you to partner with us to establish a global network invested in advancing the practice of instructional coaching in international schools.

    We recognize that a new organization might raise questions about trust and longevity. However, while we may be new, our team is formed by experienced coaches, school leaders, and an advisory board with a proven track record of being the leading thinkers around instructional coaching. We haven’t just jumped in; we spent a year meticulously planning a sustainable and intentional approach, ensuring longevity and a long-term vision. Formalizing the organization this past year wasn’t just a formality. It was a collective effort driven by our desire to empower and connect instructional coaches and leaders in international schools worldwide.

    Think of joining us now as being part of the exciting beginning of something special. We can’t predict every future possibility, but we know the potential is immense. 

    Why partner with us?

    To be a Founder

    Partner with us to build a global network championing instructional coaching excellence in international schools.

    To be an Advocate

    Be a powerful voice in a chorus of advocates fighting for the well-being and success of teachers, coaches and ultimately, students.

    To Walk the Talk

    Hiring an instructional coach is a powerful first step, and leveraging their impact requires the right support.  Unlock the full potential of your investment, ensuring your coaches thrive.

    To Access Bespoke Support

    Let’s bridge the gaps together by co-curating customized processes and applying strategies specifically designed for your school’s context and goals. 

    To Achieve Success through a Systems Approach

    We collaborate with you and your coaches to make systemic change a reality, ensuring your school thrives on its own terms.

    To be part of a Community of Innovative Schools

    Partner with us to co-create a unique ecosystem of support and expertise. 

    To Unlock Data-driven Insight

    Gain access to exclusive research on instructional coaching in international schools, a currently under-studied area.

    School Members Receive

    For School Members Joining After 1 June 2024


    Two Individual AAICIS memberships for coaches or teacher-leaders


    Free access to our first series of special sessions for school leaders


    In-depth access to AAICIS research results


    Access to a private shared folder of resources from Member schools


    Be included in AAICIS social media & newsletters


    Your school logo and links on the AAICIS website

    Find Out More!

    Contact us to start a conversation to see how we can support your school!

    Our Founding Schools

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

    At AAICIS, everyone is welcome. We champion diversity and foster an inclusive environment where educators of all backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences feel empowered and valued. We recognize the richness that diverse perspectives, cultures, and journeys bring to our community, fostering both personal and professional growth for all members.

    We invite educators worldwide of all backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities to join our vibrant community. Together, united by our shared passion for instructional coaching in international education, we can learn from each other and continue to thrive.