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Help develop a Coach Support Network where we can connect with other coaches to explore potential ways to support teachers across different international schools, fostering a broader learning and collaboration network.


Gain insight from experienced coaches and leaders on a variety of topics, including writing policies, advocating for a coaching position, and leveraging your current role. Likewise,  benefit from experienced guidance on overcoming common coaching challenges, writing policies, setting goals, defining clear benchmarks and advocating for your position.

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Access to insights into best practices, sustainable systems, processes and trends in international schools, ensuring your approach is informed and impactful.

Skills and Competencies

Access tailored professional development opportunities that cater specifically to your role as a coach.


Sustainable Systems and Processes

Leverage existing instructional coaching systems by helping strengthen strategic connections between coaches and school leadership.

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Ongoing asynchronous community conversations and connections around relevant instructional coaching resources

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Our curated collection of AAICIS resources for instructional coaches

A curated list of Professional Learning Opportunities relevant for international school instructional coaches


Regular, Real-Time Members-Only Coaching Community Conversations


Early access to our annual report on the state of coaching based on our global international school research, and the opportunity to collaborate on developing foundational documents and standards


Digital member badge to share your dedication to professional growth as an instructional coach

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At AAICIS, everyone is welcome. We champion diversity and foster an inclusive environment where educators of all backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences feel empowered and valued. We recognize the richness that diverse perspectives, cultures, and journeys bring to our community, fostering both personal and professional growth for all members.

We invite educators worldwide of all backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities to join our vibrant community. Together, united by our shared passion for instructional coaching in international education, we can learn from each other and continue to thrive.