About Us

Our Story

We are AAICIS, a non-profit educational association (501c3) dedicated to amplifying the impact of instructional coaching in international schools. We are a dynamic, committed collective from international schools and organizations across the globe with a shared purpose:

to empower educators, cultivate thriving communities, and unlock student potential through advocacy centered on instructional coaching.

Why? Because we champion the success of every teacher.

We believe in fostering vibrant, inclusive school communities where belonging is the norm and teacher retention isn’t wishful thinking. We believe every learner deserves to thrive and that well-implemented instructional coaching is part of unlocking their full potential, and we hope to give everyone the opportunity to be part of this important conversation.

Since the summer of 2023, we’ve been building something special: a movement, a community, and the start of research-based practices for international school educators, coaches, and leaders yearning for robust instructional coaching cultures.

Our Mission

AAICIS is dedicated to amplifying the impact of instructional coaching in international schools to empower educators, cultivate thriving communities, and unlock student potential.

Our Vision

AAICIS leads the development of instructional coaching in international schools by providing advocacy, research, resources, and inclusive, membership-driven community connections.

Our Values

Learning, Dedication, Trust

  • We are lifelong learners, we’re risk takers, we make mistakes and there’s forgiveness and trust in learning together.
  • We are a dedicated group of educators who are committed to our mission and improving student learning in international schools through the power of instructional coaching.
  • We trust in ourselves and in each other. We build each other up, have each other’s backs and enable psychological safety as we navigate this work together.

Our Beliefs

We Believe:

  • empowered coaches can transform student and professional learning.

  • coaches play a role in helping teachers feel valued and recognized for their unique talents, creating a sense of belonging.

  • coaches and instructional coaching supports school leaders in creating a culture of growth mindedness.

  • Instructional coaching leads to equitable and transformational learning experiences for all students.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At AAICIS, everyone is welcome. We champion diversity and foster an inclusive environment where educators of all backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences feel empowered and valued. We recognize the richness that diverse perspectives, cultures, and journeys bring to our community, fostering both personal and professional growth for all members.

We invite educators worldwide of all backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities to join our vibrant community. Together, united by our shared passion for instructional coaching in international education, we can learn from each other and continue to thrive.

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